360 Swansea Bay


360 Swansea Bay is an adrenaline sports facility and cafe bar located on the promenade, which runs along the length of Swansea Bay. One of the longest beaches in South Wales. That footpath and cycleway then continues on all the way to Mumbles Head in Oystermouth. It’s a busy promenade and cycle path. Especially so during the spring and summer period. The 360 sports facility attracts a sizeable crowd of people of all ages, year round. They participate in many different adrenaline sports and outdoor activities, which take place daily.

In September 2012 the fitness centre opened to the public. And it offers anyone the chance to get involved with sports and a multitude of other activities. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fully competent athlete or a complete beginner, because 360 Swansea Bay has something to offer you. An enticing new fitness activity, maybe? Or taking a sport that you currently take part in, and taking that one up a notch or two, to the next level. Anything is possible here. And the centre is situated in the best place possible, for fitness to take place.

360 Swansea Bay

This cafe bar – fitness facility has plenty to offer anyone eager to take part in any sport. Whether it’s paddleboarding for the first time, or even distance running like a 5k mini marathon, for example. Volleyball on the beach is another sport. Kayaking on the bay, as a beginner or even if you have some experience, you can improve your skills further, with expert training at instructor level. Sign up for membership and take it from there. It’s really up to you how far you go in your chosen sport.

This 360 beach and watersports cafe bar is fully licensed and is a great place to meet up with other people, who share your passion for fitness and outdoor sporting activities. They have a tasty food menu and various alcohol beverages are also available. Burgers, sandwiches and salads are popular food choices along with ice creams and hot or cold drinks. You are well catered for here – 360 cafe menu

The 360 cafe bar is a multisport hub of activity any day of the week… you will love spending time here if you enjoy fitness and you love the beach. Long summer day’s spent on the bay,with friends, trying out new sporting activities and barbecues at night, when the sun goes down. Chilling out with a few beers and having a great time. Barbecues are popular there in summertime… when the air is warm and the day’s are long…

360 Swansea Bay

The Swansea Bay Parkrun

Try the Swansea Bay Parkrun where it’s you against the clock, for a 5k run every Saturday at 9 a.m… and get 15% discount in the cafe bar as well… which is available during parkrun mornings…. not to bad at all, I say. And the cost is? Well, there is no cost… it’s absolutely free to enter for every participant involved, who turn up each Saturday to do the run. But you need to register for the run before you do it…. you can get more details about that here

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fast growing sport…. exciting and there are lot’s of people eager to get some quality training under their belt. If that’s you and you want to learn the ropes there’s plenty of room for you at 360 beach and watersports swansea. Training sessions can begin with a fully qualified instructor, with beginners starting as early as age 5 years and upwards. If paddle boarding is something you want to try, why not give it a go, and see if it’s a good fit for you. More details here

Love beachsports? You can receive supervised instruction on a multitude of various sports including rugby, soccer, tennis, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and team-building etc. If volleyball is your thing, sign up and join the club and play league matches in South West Wales. Age group is 16+ years old….

360 Swansea

If you like being outdoors think about Nordic Walking…. join the club and meetup at 360 Swansea every Friday morning at 10.15 a.m… enjoy the walk until 11.30 – 12.00 … it’s a very sociable group and the walk is great for overall fitness and wellbeing. Call back to the centre for a bite to eat and some refreshments, at the end of the walk…. and enjoy a 15% discount at the cafe bar…. splendid


Nordic Walking