Swansea Pictures


The Tower – Meridian Quay

Swansea pictures that were photographed from a multitude of locations around the city. With a picture of The Tower – in Meridian Quay above which is located in the marina development area of the city. The Swansea Marriott hotel is just a short walk away, in a prime position, with easy access to the city centre, and with ample car parking space for guests. The hotel has a nice waterfront location by the beach and is very popular with visitors.


Swansea Bay


Swansea Bay is one of the longest beaches in South Wales with a great view of Mumbles Head and Oystermouth in the distance. Stretching for more than five miles or so it attracts local residents and visitor’s from all over the world. Various sports and activities, including adrenaline sports, are played out on the beach daily by people of all ages and fitness levels. Paddleboarding is a favourite as is volleyball, especially during the warmer summer period.

Swansea Pictures

There is a very popular sports facility located nearby the beach, which offers people the chance to take part in so many different adrenaline sports and fitness training programs. The beach is also a focal point for the Wales National Air Show which will take place in the summer of 2017.

A free annual event organised by Swansea City Council and local businesses in Wales to entertain visitors and residents living in the city and beyond. Tens of thousands of people turn out each year to watch the Red Arrows display and a selection of other aircraft performing stunts and aerobatic displays, to an appreciative audience.


Boats In Swansea Marina

This picture above was photographed in the SA1 area of the marina. And you can easily see the Sail Bridge stretching across the lock, which leads further on to residential apartments and various local businesses. As you can see there is a thriving collection of boats and yachts of all sizes moored here. It like this all year round. It’s a favourite interest or pastime, if you like, for many people living in this part of Wales. It’s also a fairly expensive pastime so I’ve heard….


Swansea City Photos

Residential Apartments Swansea Marina


This photograph above is a popular one… you’ll see variations of it on this website because it makes for a nice picture, we think? The Tower is the tallest building in the background and the Marriott Hotel Swansea is just to the right of it. Residential apartments completely surround this part of the development, and the various restaurants and other businesses that operate here, are just out of the picture.