Welcome to our latest post about Towns Near Swansea, Wales. If you are looking for more information about towns and villages that you can visit during your time in Swansea, as a visitor, a tourist, or as a resident, then you have landed on the right page today.

We have listed below a selection of places that are very popular to visit. Some more than others, and we have posted pictures as well, to help you in finding these places.

Swansea in Wales is a very popular destination year on year, with so many people. Literally, hundreds of thousands of people pay us a visit, and they travel from all walks of life. Across all age groups and nationalities.

Many thousands of students travel here to study, in colleges and universities. So for those reasons mentioned above, you can see that Swansea is a magnet for travellers and always will be.

And that’s partly the reason why we have written this post today. So that we can talk more about small Towns Near Swansea, Wales that you can pay a visit to, anytime you want.

And the first place to visit on our list is Mumbles in Oystermouth. A coastal village and seaside resort, that is so popular every year with many thousands of people. It’s also a popular place with fishermen during high tide… especially on the promenade, just a short walk past Verdi’s Ice Cream parlour.

Mumbles: A Seaside GemĀ 

Towns Near Swansea Wales
Verdis Ice-cream Parlour Mumbles

Mumbles is a picturesque resort on the Southern coast of Wales. If you love walking along beaches… and you love ice-creams, italian coffees, cakes, scones and pastries you shoud pay a visit to Verdis Cafe on the promenade. It’s a wonderful experience.

They also serve authentic home made pizza’s… salads and pasta dishes and a selection of vegetarian meals. It’s located just a short walk away from Mumbles Pier.

Towns Near Swansea Wales

Joe’s Ice-cream parlour is another very popular place with daily visitor’s… also located not far away from here, more towards Oystermouth. Where you will find more retail shops and businesses. Including popular restaurants and bistros right there on the promenade.

A perfect place to have a meal with friends and family.. while you soak up the atmosphere.

Towns Near Swansea Wales
Prezzo Italian Mumbles Swansea

Restaurants In Mumbles

Most Popular With Visitors:

  1. Prezzo Italian on the promenade
  2. Gower Seafood Hut
  3. La Dolce Vita
  4. The Mermaid Cafe Bar & Restaurant
  5. Mediterranean
  6. Bistrot Pierre
  7. Boo’s Kitchen
  8. Beach Hut Cafe
  9. The Golden Curry
  10. The Mumtaz

Oystermouth Castle is another popular attraction with families and children every year when various outdoor activities are held within the grounds of the castle.

The Mumbles Raft Race is another big attraction every year, that helps raise much needed funds for the RNLI Lifeboat Station.

There are also a multitude of hotels… and bed and breakfast establishments in Mumbles and the wider Swansea area, so you are well catered for there during your visit.

Read our post here for more information about Mumbles in Swansea and see why it’s so popular with visitor’s every year.

Llanelli Beach & The Loughor Estuary

This part of Wales is extremely popular with people of all ages and the place ties in with the Millennium Coastal Path that stretches all the way to Pembrey Country Park.

It’s a 13 mile stretch or footpath. And many cyclists, joggers and walker’s in general visit this place frequently, to really enjoy it’s natural surroundings. The views of the huge nature reserve and Loughor Estuary are more than worth your time spent here.

The expanse of the estuary is epic in size. Look out with a pair of binoculars as far as the eyes can see. It’s magical to be honest with you, after we visited very recently, during a hot spell of weather.

We were cycling at the time, because it was a fantastic way to explore the vastness of it all.

The coastal path just goes on for miles and it’s mostly flat terrain.. so it’s super easy to bike ride for miles and miles.

And take a stop anytime along the way.. and have a sit down on one of the many path benches and seats for your comfort.

If you follow the coastal path for miles you’ll pass the Wildlife & Wetlands Centre. It’s a huge place.. a bird sanctuary you could say. Protected species of birds and wildlife are here. Kingfishers can be spotted here to.. from inside the various hides within the grounds.

Pink flamingoes are also another popular bird with visitor’s who come to visit the centre, in their thousands, each year.

Whether you cycle the path, or go jogging or walking for your enjoyment, or for your fitness, as you continue on the path you will admire the wonderful views of the Loughor Estuary.

On a beautiful summer’s day it’s a wonderful experience to be able to take it all in. And the estuary goes on for miles, as far as your eyes can see. Amazing sunset pictures can be taken at certain points along the coast… as the sun sets over the horizon.

Towns Near Swansea Wales
Loughor Estuary Sunset


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