Swansea Picture Gallery

Swansea Picture Gallery

Swansea Picture Gallery


The Tower, Meridian Quay is located in Swansea Marina standing tall at 29 storeys high, at a height of 351 ft. The tallest building in Wales with a fabulous view from the top three floors of the Grape And Olive Restaurant. With a fine food menu and wine list to choose from, why not book a table, dine in style, and experience a terrific view of Swansea Bay at the same time?


Mumbles in Swansea is a popular spot for watersports activities such as jetski-ing and speedboats mostly. Especially in the summer, when the weather is warmer, sunnier, and the day’s are much longer. That’s when this part of Wales get’s to see more sporting action on the water, and even get to witness the Mumbles Raft Race. Which is free to enter for anyone interested in raising money for charity.


The Mumbles Promenade is part of a very long, but enjoyable walk along the path that stretches the length of Swansea Bay. This is a very busy walkway for many a visitor. People coming from all parts of this country and abroad to sample the scenery and walkways of the Gower Peninsular each year. Many visitors from years gone by continue to visit these shores and it’s plain to see why. When you are on your next visit be sure to enjoy some exquisite ice-cream, the fine food and wine at the local restaurants, or have a beer or two with your friends. Don’t forget to admire the wonderful scenery around you. Take a few pictures to mark your visit.


Mumbles Pier is an old victorian structure dating back to 1898. It is now a very popular tourist attraction for visitors and is a good fishing platform for eager fishermen. The Mumbles Lighthouse and a very panoramic view of Swansea Bay can be seen from the pier. The Mumbles Lifeboat is stationed here and has a visitor centre open daily.


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