Swansea Liberty Stadium

Swansea Liberty Stadium

Swansea Liberty Stadium is the home of Swansea City Football Club and the Osprey’s rugby team. It is located next to the Morfa Shopping Park complex in the Landore area of the city.

The stadium is huge and was opened to the public in July 2005. With all seating capacity for 20,750 people or more.

During big matches, the stadium is very often sold out of tickets. So for this reason alone, extra seating arrangements need to be met. If only to allow more people the chance of watching a game of football.

Whether or not this becomes a reality for the adoring fans of both football and rugby in general remains to be seen.

This stadium has also been a venue for many rock concerts over the past few years. Beginning way back on June 1st, 2007 when The Who played their first gig there to awaiting rock fans.

There were a few problems early in the set. But the band continued on to a roaring crowd with another two hours of awesome rock songs. The Charlatans also played a set there during the gig.

Liberty Stadium In Swansea

On June 29, 2008, the singer-songwriter, Elton John played a gig here as part of his Rocket Man Tour. With a set list covering some 24 songs for his fans this visit to Swansea Liberty Stadium was to be his only one during that time. The crowds of fans who made the journey to see him perform live, were not disappointed, judging by the atmosphere on the day of that live event.

swansea liberty stadiumOn another occasion, the singer Rod Stewart played a gig here, on the 1st of June in 2011. The Swansea City FC player’s back then joined the singer on stage. To celebrate their win against Reading, when they played against them on Monday for the championship. It was Wednesday night, when they produced the winning trophy, for all the fans in the crowd to see. It was a climax to a wonderful championship after the players toured the city on an open top bus, with crowds of adoring fans watching. And amazing to see as a spectator.

Many more artists have performed live at the stadium over the years including:

  1. JLS in June 2011
  2. Kings Of Leon in July 2014
  3. Manic Street Preachers in May 2016
  4. Lionel Ritchie in June 2016

Take That are set to appear there in June 2017 as a three piece as Jason Orange left the band in 2014. Robbie Williams left a while before that.

So if you want to see one of the best live acts around, better get your tickets done and dusted soon. Or you may just miss out on one of the best live gigs in this part of Wales. The All Saints girl group are also performing at the gig, as special guests

Liberty Stadium Swansea

During the live event, the liberty stadium seating plan will probably be set up, to accommodate thousands of excited fans of all ages. As is usually the case with concert promoter’s eager to cater to as many people as possible.

Take That are planning a centre of the stadium stage setup, with fans able to watch the band up close and personal. Promises to be a superb evening of entertainment, for all to see and experience, on the day.

The stadium has a club shop where sports shirts, training wear, replica kits and more besides, can be purchased in the team colours. Open seven days a week to visitor’s, football and rugby fans alike.

Catering to both young and older sports fans. Pop in and have a look around for yourself, on your next visit to the grounds.

Conferencing facilities are available for hire. Easter Sunday Lunch can be booked for the family. Wedding parties and gatherings are on the menu as are venues for Banquets and Christmas Parties to.

That’s quite a list from which to choose. Whatever the occasion might be, the Swansea Liberty Stadium is sure to be the venue of choice for many.