Swansea Bay

Swansea bay


Swansea Bay is a very long beach stretching over five miles in length and is located on the southern coast of South Wales. With a great view of Mumbles Head and Port Talbot in the distance. It’s a very popular bay year round with local residents, and the many thousands of tourists visiting from other countries, each year.

As it’s so popular, it’s also a great meeting place for students, who are studying in the nearby Swansea University. Which is located just a very short walk away from the beach. There is a lot of activity that takes place here year round. One particular event which is very popular with visitors is the¬†Swansea Air Show which takes place over a full weekend during the warm summer period.

Swansea Bay

If you haven’t seen or experienced the thrill of seeing the Red Arrows and a multitude of other aircraft pilots showing off their flying skills, then you should pay a visit sometime. It’s a great day out for the family, and the kids, who get to see static craft and displays up close on the ground.

Swansea Bay also has an adrenaline sports facility located by the beach and it’s a great spot to pick up a quick snack or refreshment if you happen to be feeling a little peckish. If you are passing there one day pop in and say hello. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the local area if you are new to Swansea. They have a great menu serving local food and various beers. Included on the list are hot and cold drinks and tasty snacks to eat in or takeaway.

360 swansea bay


Some of the most popular activities on the beach are people out jogging and keeping fit. Especially during the warmer periods of the year. As we approach the¬†summertime is when the bay really comes alive with activity. More dog lover’s out walking their pets and taking in the sights and the sea air. On a good day, you can see for miles across the channel. And you can see Mumbles Head in Oystermouth which is visible from the furthest end of the beach.

Swansea Bay

It would take you about an hour and 30 minutes to walk there from Swansea Marina on a good day. I would say, give or take, depending on your level of fitness.


swansea beach


Beach parties and barbeques are a favourite way to spend an evening as the sun goes down across the bay. Many people part take in this activity during the warm summer months. Usually further along the beach between 360 Swansea, a sporting facility, and the Blackpill area close to the service station.

Swansea Bay golf club is fairly close by here so if you want to practice your swing you can do so any day of the week.