Cwmdonkin Park Swansea

Cwmdonkin park swansea

Cwmdonkin Park is an urban park located in an area of Swansea known to the people who live there as the uplands. And this park was a very popular place where the young poet Dylan Thomas paid many a visit and found a lot of inspiration for his work. And he certainly found it here alright. Inspiration that is…. Well, he did happen to write some of his best poems and short stories over the period of time he spent here.

The park is a very peaceful place and it’s not hard to see how Dylan Thomas found that inspiration to write as he did. I have visited this area on a few occasions over the years. It’s the perfect place to find a quiet spot, get comfortable, and put pen to paper as he did as a young poet, growing up in Swansea.

It’s also a magical place if you happen to be an artist with a pencil and sketchbook. Or a painter with brushes, paints and an easel at the ready. You could knock out some great sketches or paintings here. It’s peaceful … just bring your talent with you on your next visit !!!

Cwmdonkin park swansea


The park today has a rather large children’s play area and swings etc with a bandstand situated within the grounds. A bowling green close by and tennis courts a short walk away for people who love to play tennis. I like tennis. It’s a great way to keep fit and burn off those calories…. anyway… there is also a water garden in the area nearby. And it’s very own Cwmdonkin Park tea room if you and your friends fancy a little refreshment.

Cwmdonkin Park In Swansea

Considering that Dylan Thomas lived only about a five minute walk away from Cwmdonkin Park, he didn’t have cwmdonkinmuch of a walk to get there. References about this place and Dylan’s experience here can be read about in his poems. Such as “The Hunchback In The Park” as an example.


These grounds have also been through a regeneration programme with the help of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. To celebrate 100 years since the birth of Dylan Thomas who was born in the year 1914.

This place is one of the oldest Swansea parks and recreation areas in South Wales. Dating back to the year 1874.

Cwmdonkin Park Swansea will forever be known as the one special place where Dylan Thomas spent much of his time. Even today it’s popular with people of all age groups and nationalities. Families with young children playing on swings and the roundabout in the play area is a regular sight.

Cwmdonkin Park

In the warm summer months people are out playing sports and relaxing with friends while other people are picnicking, which is another great way to spend a lazy summer’s day in the park. The best time of year to visit this place would be during the long summer period I would say. Simply because you could then take in the splender of all the colorful foliage and flowers planted throughout the grounds.

Take a stroll through some of the tree-lined footpaths that lead you through one end of the park to the other end. Listen to the wonderful birdsong all around you. I have … it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back here… there are an abundance of different wildlife here especially birds in the spring and summertime. There is also no shortage of available seating ….. so you are well catered for there.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Cwmdonkin Park Swansea