Swansea Air Show Display 2019


Swansea Air Show has become a very popular event in recent years. In the summer of 2016 over 200,000 visitors came to witness state-of-the-art aircraft and vintage planes from years gone by take part in breathtaking aerobatic displays.

The wales airshow 2019 is free to watch and the whole event takes part on one of the largest beaches in South Wales. That beach is of course Swansea Bay. It’s like an amphitheatre on the day. As crowds of people gather along the promenade from the Swansea Civic Centre building all the way along to Mumbles in Oystermouth.

Swansea Air Show 2019 lineup

You can pick a spot anywhere along that 5 mile stretch of sand … sit back … relax and enjoy the spectacle with family and friends. There are many displays to watch and the event takes place over a weekend. The Red Arrows are always a crowd favourite… And they will be there showing off their aerobatic flying skills. And thousands of people will show their appreciation during the display.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is also part of the display and will be taking to the skies over Swansea for those two day’s. The Bronco Demo Team, Tiger’s Parachute Display Team and The Black Cats are just a few of many who will show off their aircraft flying skills on the day.


Swansea Air Show 2019 Dates:

The good news is that one of Wales’ most popular events will return again on Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th 2019.¬†With air and ground displays free to visit on both days. You can witness amazing air displays across the whole of Swansea Bay and see ground displays along the Swansea promenade stretching between the Cenotaph and the Civic Centre. It’s a great family event and thousands of people travel from miles around to enjoy the spectacle.

You can plan for the Swansea Air Show 2019 event well in advance or just turn up on the day. Depends on how far and where you are travelling from to arrive on time. There are a plenty of quality hotels and bed and breakfast establishments close by and within walking distance to Swansea Bay.

But don’t leave it to late to book if you plan on staying for that particular weekend event. You can then familiarize yourself with Swansea and where the air show display will take place in advance so you don’t miss any part of it. Especially if it’s your first visit to the city?

Swansea Air Display


There will be plenty of people out on the day jostling for the best viewpoint, so it may be a good idea to arrive early to get a good spot on the beach. Bring your own drinks and refreshments with you on the day. Or you can purchase a variety of snacks etc easily within walking distance of the event. There is a number of establishments close by that serve fresh food and drinks daily to the general public. And there will be a variety of stalls also serving refreshments at the event.



First aid points will be available for the two day event. There will be two of them provided by St. Johns Ambulance and there will also be stewards patrolling each day of the event. More information about the show is available here.

The swansea air show 2018 event was a very successful one for the City Of Swansea and for businesses in general with a lot of money generated for the local economy. And because of it’s popularity it has now been confirmed that the Wales National Air Show will become an annual event in future. Which is great news all round for the city…

Swansea Air Show Parking Information Here

See you soon at the next Swansea Bay Air Show 2019………………….