Hi… our latest post today is all about the Mumbles Raft Race 2023..

It being one of the most amazing outdoor events in the City Of Swansea’s annual calendar. It’s a very popular charity race meeting, if you didn’t know already. And one where a multitude of different groups of people and sponsors get together. To help bring this whole outdoor event to life, for your entertainment and excitement.

This raft race will be an exciting event for thousands of people of all ages. And all the teams and groups of people involved plan and prepare for it each year. They plan early, build and prepare their craft, so that everything will hopefully run smoothly on the day.

mumbles raft race 2023
Mumbles Raft Race Competitor

It’s a charity race event created to help raise money for the RNLI Lifeboat Station situated on Mumbles Pier. The RNLI Lifeboat provides a hugely important and much needed service to the people of Swansea and South Wales in general.

It’s a vital service that is provided by experienced and trained volunteers. And the service survives with yearly donations and charity events, such as the Mumbles Raft Race. To maintain a sevice just like the RNLI Lifeboat and rescue team does requires a committment to continually raise money.

The full rescue service can then continue to help save people’s lives. And that is in everyone’s best interests. If you would like to donate or give money to the Swansea RNLI Lifeboat Rescue Service so that the service can continue to save lives now and well into the future click here to donate.

Mumbles Raft Race 2023

Mumbles Raft Race
Mumbles RNLI Lifeboat Swansea

The raft race starts from and takes place in and around Knab Rock in Mumbles and finishes on the slipway by Verdis Ice-Cream Parlour. It finishes after all the various competing groups and teams of people have completed the race both out on the bay and back in to the finish line.

And with many different types of crafts and rafts taking place, one or two will unfortunately not make it back to the finish line. Maybe because of a poor quality of design and construction of the craft, or something related to it.

But no worries about that because any persons or competitor’s that get’s into trouble while competing in this event, is taken care of and looked after by people who are highly experienced in rescue at sea. So all the race competitor’s are in good hands on the day.

Because the RNLI Lifeboat service will be there in action and ready to respond at a moments notice. And the service continues to perform in this way only because they continue to recieve those essential and much needed donations year on year.

Mumbles Raft Race
Knab Rock Mumbles Swansea

A list of sponsors take part in this race meeting every year. Just as you would expect with such a popular raft race event.

Swansea Raft Race 2023

On the day there are multiple thousands of people of all ages expected to turn out for this event. Many having traveled far and wide to come see for themselves what this raft race is about and what is involved. And how eventually a winner is picked out and congratulated.

There will be multiple places along the promenade where you can see and witness the event. Lot’s of seated areas and places offering a higher vantage point if you want to take pictures or record a video or two of the race for yourself.

Business establishments in the area will be open for business on the day. Refreshments including hot drinks and foods will also be available on the day as normal. Love ice-creams and coffees too?

Swansea Raft Race
Swansea Raft Racing Competitors

Well, while you enjoy the race with your friends or family why not enjoy an ice-cream or a coffee at Verdi’s on the promenade. It’s right there within short walking distance… on the day of the event the weather in Swansea is most likely going to be very warm, so keep yourself hydrated by topping up your fluid levels.

The Mumbles Raft Race really is more than just an outdoor annual event. It’s a celebration of thousands of people getting together. It’s also about the courage and ability of the competitor’s taking part to entertain the people watching the event.

And it’s an exciting way to support and raise funds for the continuation of a service that’s vital in Swansea and the whole of the UK.

And long may the Mumbles RNLI Lifeboat Rescue Team continue to serve City Of Swansea and the wider community of South Wales for years to come.



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