Swansea Waterfront Museum

Swansea waterfront museum

Swansea Waterfront Museum opened to the public back in the year 2005. And it’s the place to be where visitors can see and learn about the history of Wales. Dating back over 300 years or more. Located in the development of Swansea Marina, within a short walking distance of the Dylan Thomas Centre.

The building houses a vast collection of displays and memorabilia. Including the very latest interactive technology, provided by the museum. Which helps to draw the visitor in with as much information as possible about it’s industrial past.

With the history about coal mining playing a very big part of the city’s past, the museum helps provide that information using many audio-visual exhibits and 36 interactive displays.

With detailsĀ about the names of the miner’s, the collieries where they worked and the miner’s strikes that went on back then. It’s all listed and dated.

There is a coal wagon on display inside the museum and a replica of the world’s first steam locomotive for all to see. The museum has many events and interesting exhibitions held throughout the year. All for visitors to learn even more about that history, should they wish to attend and take part in them.

Copper smelting in Wales dates back to the year 1720 when Swansea became the centre for it. With the availability of vast amounts of local coal and access to the ports, the city became the powerhouse.

Shipping in ore concentrates from the United States Of America in order to recover Gold and Silver fromĀ them. Various other metals were processed over the years including zinc and tin.

More information on this interesting topic of the history of Swansea’s Industrial Past can be found here

Copperopolis was a term used back then and copper smelting was widespread along the banks of the River Tawe and the valleys. And even today you can learn more about that in Swansea Waterfront Museum.

Swansea Waterfront Museum

swansea waterfront museum


That’s just a brief example of what visitors are likely to see and learn about should they pay a visit to the museum for the first time. If you are interested and want to know more about opening times the building is open daily throughout the year, except for the Christmas holiday season. Open to the public from Monday to Sunday at 10 a.m to 5 p.m

There is a cafe indoors where visitors can purchase fresh food, including sandwiches and soups. Hot drinks are available such as coffees, teas and even cakes.

As you walk around the outside of the building you get a sense of how big it is… It’s even more amazing when you walk in through the main entrance. And with free entry on any day of the week, you will find it easy to become immersed in the displays and memorabilia.

With regular events and more listed throughout the year, there’s always lots happening at the museum.

National Waterfront Museum

When you start to use the interactive displays inside you can literally delve as far as you want to go…. The further you do, even more of that information becomes available to you. It’s a win-win for anyone interested in the history of this city and it’s future.

Sit comfortably and just browse the display’s to your heart’s content… if you want to. There really is no rush. Absorb all that information you are looking for if you are a student and writing a project about Swansea’s industrial heritage. An endless supply of content is here for you and it’s interactive and amazing….

The museum is also available for venue hire for weddings with catering. And parties to. Award ceremonies are popular… and many other choices for hire.

If you are feeling hungry, or in need of some refreshments after your visit to the museum, you can try out the menu at The Pumphouse restaurant. It is located within very easy walking distance of the museum.

the pumphouse swansea

We hope you enjoy your visit to the museum.